Fully managed native Android console gaming service for operators

Android console gaming as a managed service

Cannonball Arcade allows Pay TV operators to offer native console gaming on an Android set-top-box as a fully managed subscription service with seamless integrated operator billing. The service is configurable in either a flat one price all-you-can-eat model or in tiered pricing model. Packages, catalogs, and offers can be updated dynamically while the service is live.

Curated & tested catalog of commercially licensed Android games

Cannonball Arcade has a rapidly growing catalog of native Android games that are commercially licensed and can be deployed as part of an operator service. Proprietary Cannonball tech that allows Android games developed for mobile to be played as console games with zero-to-little porting effort allow for rapid licensing and deployment of games. The catalog is curated for gaming on TV and thoroughly tested on the target set-top-box to ensure an operator-grade quality of service.

In-App-Purchase and virtual currency wallet

On Cannonball Arcade, games use operator billing for In-App-Purchase (IAP) of virtual goods without requiring any change in their main billing code. IAP of both, consumable & non-consumable virtual goods, is supported. Additionally, the operator can choose to offer a common service-wide virtual currency wallet for in-game consumption and purchases.

Configurable free trials

Individual games across various subscription packages can be offered as part of an ongoing limited free trial to users. Trials can be configured to allow users to try the game by allowing a time-limited free play over a defined period. Games can be dynamically added or removed from the limited free trial selection.

Smart Controller with gesture gaming

The Cannonball Smart Controller mobile app for Android and iOS allows any smartphone to function as a soft gamepad. The Smart Controller dynamically adjusts its controls for each game in order to allow “look-up” gaming even when playing without a physical gamepad. It further leverages the built-in accelerometer on the smartphone to allow gesture gaming. All games in the catalog work with the Smart Controller as-is.

Works on any Android set-top-box

Cannonball Arcade can be quickly integrated with any Android set-top-box including AOSP and certified Android TV set-top-boxes. Based on the hardware and software spec of the device, appropriate games from the catalog are selected and deployed. If a heterogeneity of set-top-box configurations is deployed, a different subset of the game catalog can be deployed for each configuration in a seamless manner.

Gamepad support

Cannonball Arcade works with off-the-shelf gamepads like the Logitech F710, Xbox, and PlayStation gamepads. Additionally, support can be added for operator branded OEM gamepads.

Cobranding & customization

Cannonball Arcade can be launched as a cobranded operator service. The color palette of user interface can be fully customized to match that of the set-top-box EPG. Additionally, a full featured API is provided that allows for complete UI customization and a deeper integration with the EPG. Similarly, the Cannonball Smart Controller can be provided as a library to allow integration with an existing mobile companion app.