Mobile games are fun, engaging, and innovative. In less than a decade, they have enabled smartphones to completely crush dedicated handheld game consoles. While simultaneously growing the market by getting every smartphone owner, young and old, to play games.

Cannonball from 18th Parallel helps Pay TV operators and OTT service providers to leverage the incredible smartphone gaming ecosystem to effect a similar shift in the even larger TV console gaming market. Operators can now offer a fully integrated and customized Android console gaming service with a large ready-to-go game catalog and a freely downloadable gamepad app.

Custom business model

Customizable to implement the operator's business model on any Android set-top-box (AOSP or Android TV)

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Commercially licensed games

Large catalog of commercially licensed Android games tested and curated for console gaming on TV

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Smart Controller mobile app

Gamepad app for iOS & Android designed for look-up and gesture gaming eases the need of a physical gamepad

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